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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I'm DW and I'm 19 years old Finnish guy who has grown carnivorous plants since 2009 alongside with orchids, bromeliads, cacti and chilies. Besides growing plants I keep this blog, take photos, cook, read books and watch movies. At the moment I'm highschool graduate studying audiovisual communication in career college. For contacts my e-mail address is kihokki01[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also find here my grow list and want list

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wonderful Sarracenia psittacina

I dont have very good experience with Sarracenia pitcher plants. In first year of my hobby all of my temperate plants died. One because of dryeness and another because of mold. But now I'm happy because I have found Sarracenia that is easy enough for me. The parrot pither - Sarracenia psittacina. First ever Sarracenia that survived dormancy and flowered for me. Because of this little plant I'm going to get more North American pitcher plants because now I know what is the best technique for me to get them through winter.
Looking under lady's skirt.

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