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Friday, May 24, 2013

Focusing on: Utricularia 'Lavinia Whateley'


This is my first post in which I'm focusing only for one plant. The lucky plant to be chosen today was U. calycifida 'Lavinia Whateley.' I've owned this particular plant since 2011 and it is a very steady grower just like the typical U. calycifida. 

This particular cultivar differs from the rest of it's species by having white flowers and plain green  leaves instead of having any purple colored veins on top of their leaves. For fisrt year for me this plant did nothing but grow new leaves but afterwards started producing beautiful white flowers.

I'm not 100% sure about this but I think this plant likes the sandy top, which I use to prevent moss growing on my utrics. Soon after this plant received it's sand layer the plant started to grow another flowerstalk. Flooding this plant's tray seems to also make this plant happy and improve growth.


Flowers are about the same size as typical U. calycifida but without pinkish to violet coloration, which kinda makes the normal plant's flowers to seem more attractive. Flowers seem to be self fertile but I haven't got any seeds from this plant yet, so maybe helping the self pollination with a toothpick should do the trick. Just remember that if you self pollinate a cultivar and sell or swap the seeds you should not name them as their mother plant but motherplant x self.
Other registered cultivars of U. calycifida are for example U. 'Asenath Waite,' U. 'Cthulhu,' U. 'Yog-Sothoth' and U. 'Mrs. Marsh'

This kind of update today but  tomorrow I will write another one wtth stuff about my new plants.

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