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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Utricularia from carnivoria.eu

Yesterday I received new plants from carnivoria.eu.
The plants that I got were U. alpina x endresii, U. alpina x humboldtii, U. nelumbifolia from Serra de Brigadeiro, Brazil and U. nelumbifolia x reniformis.

Photobucket All of my new Utricularia potted. Top row fron left to right U. alpina x humboldtii, U. nelumbifolia x reniformis, U. alpina, which I just recently repotted. Middle row left to right U. alpina x endresii, U. nephrophylla. Plants in the bottom row are L-->R are U. asplundii seeds, U. nelimbifolia from Serra de Brigadeiro and U. reniformis.

Photobucket U. alpina x endresii seemed to be the smallest of them all but then I looked at the roots. 4 tubers, of which 3 are visible. Not bad.

Photobucket Details of U. livida 'Blue flower'


  1. Hyvän näköisiä :) Mistä oot hommannu ton sammaleen?

  2. Yhellä sukulaisella on soinen metsäpalsta, josta olen luvalla ton sammaleen kerännyt ja itse käsin puhdistanut. :)