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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring coming and preparing the plants for sunny conditions

It's wonderful to see snow melting here in Finland. And lovely sound of running water. In this week I repotted my whole sundew collection, just to make more space for new plants I'm going to buy. Before repotting my Drosera collection took about 884 square centimeters and after repotting only 690 square centimeters.

If only weather was warmer I could go and order some plants that I have wanted for so long. Some wonderful species such as Queensland sundews D. adelae and D. prolifera and N. ampullaria just gotta love those basal rosettes. And above all the other plants lovely and small and hopefully easy enough for me Cephalotus follicularis. C. follicularis is so interesting plant becaus it is totally unique.

In summer I'm also going to make a new terraria or maybe two. One for Drosera and another for Nepenthes, Utricularia and Genlisea. My current terraria is kinda crappy because humidity is not as high as it should be. This or there new terraria are going to be made out of either glass or plastic sheets with air cells in it. I've seen lots of greenhouses with cell plastic used in them and it would be interesting to try them to make a terraria.

And now I'm going to preform a test in summer about Nepenthes fertilizing. I'm aware that some growers fertilize their plants without losses. At the same time I'm interested in this and scared about loosing some of my plants. Thats why in summer I' going to take two N. x 'Ventrata' pitcher plants. One of them recieves fertilization(this includes mild orchid fertilizing and some seaweed solution) and another has to cope with just water and bugs.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wonderful Sarracenia psittacina

I dont have very good experience with Sarracenia pitcher plants. In first year of my hobby all of my temperate plants died. One because of dryeness and another because of mold. But now I'm happy because I have found Sarracenia that is easy enough for me. The parrot pither - Sarracenia psittacina. First ever Sarracenia that survived dormancy and flowered for me. Because of this little plant I'm going to get more North American pitcher plants because now I know what is the best technique for me to get them through winter.
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