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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Update and lovin' a blog

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Hello and happy 2013! Been a while since last update because of problems with my internet but now I'm back and ready to start posting again.

First some random things. I listed the blog on bloglovin' and Finnish blog listing site called blogilista just because of some people sent me e-mail that do you know about bloglovin' because it would be one way to get more traffic on your site. Well I've got nothing to lose so I listed my blog there and we will see if the magic happens.

First thing about my palnts that I want to tell you about is my Drosera venusta, which used to not grow during winter time because I had to put it in a terraria and at least this individual does not thrive in terraria at all. Now this plant grows with my epiphytic Utricularia and is growing very nicely.


This is how my cheapo Utricularia setting is looking right now. Plants which seem to like most these conditions are U. nelumbifolia, U. nelumbifoliareniformis and U. nephrophylla.


Utricularia nephrophylla is one of my first epiphytic Utricularia species and it grows pretty wild at the moment. The cooler temperatures because of the terraria's location, which is near floor level, has already made the plant to grow a flowerstalk.


Seedlings of U. asplundii are also looking nice. I just removed most if the moss growing on peat sand mix. The pot is 5cm wide.


Also my other Utricularia are doing fine. I flooded their trays that water level is near soil level, which results all species in tray started growing more rapidly. Also one Genlisea violacea in same tray with Utricularia.


Cryptanthus sp.started growing pups after blooming, which I never saw. The pups grow in sphagnum moss and sooner or later they will start growing roots I think.


This is the first update for this year and I will soon make a new blog post to make up for the time I had connection problems.

I'd also like to tell you about my plans for this year. First I'm going to buy a Darlingtonia californica. So many people say that it is a tricky plant but after hearing some thoughts from fellow growers I've decided to dive it a go. Also I will try to over winter some temperate plants outdoors in Finland. These plants I'm thinking could possibly survive Finnish winter are some Sarracenia, Drosera species from the US and if I get the chance I will also try some temperate Pinguicula.

Happy 2013 and happy growing.