About the Finn in the other end of the cable

Friday, August 22, 2014

About the future of the blog


Long time no read heh. As you have noticed I haven't posted anything for a while and today I'm going to tell you about the future of this blog. My current spare time has become so small that there is no way of keep posting stuff here as regularly with such quality as before. Really when I arrive home in 11 p.m. for most of the week updating my blog is least of my concerns before having enough sleep for 7 a.m. mornings, keeping up personal hygiene and eating. Then answers for some questions you might be thinking of after reading this:

What will happen to this blog then?
-I won't end keeping this blog but the number of updates will decrease to 1 post per 2-3 months. For my Finnish blog I will give a neck shot for not reaching enough audience for me to keep it going so I can focus on this English blog which has more wider audience.

Is everything okay?
-Yes, most of the stuff in my life is well at the moment, school is fun and I have many friends, just not having enough spare time to keep this blog running as well as before just makes me a bit sad. But after this one era in my life will come to end I will look into reactivate the blog again to it's former glory.

Will your plants still be alright?
-Most of them yes. Well they only need water and light with minor trimming so it is not too hard to provide.

That's all for now. Plants grow pretty well and my seedgrown Utricularia asplundii is flowering *(hyperventilation*) and photos of it and some more plants will follow within few weeks. Until then keep reading and enjoy the last blast of summer before the fall falls over us. Cheers!