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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Utricularia from carnivoria.eu

Yesterday I received new plants from carnivoria.eu.
The plants that I got were U. alpina x endresii, U. alpina x humboldtii, U. nelumbifolia from Serra de Brigadeiro, Brazil and U. nelumbifolia x reniformis.

Photobucket All of my new Utricularia potted. Top row fron left to right U. alpina x humboldtii, U. nelumbifolia x reniformis, U. alpina, which I just recently repotted. Middle row left to right U. alpina x endresii, U. nephrophylla. Plants in the bottom row are L-->R are U. asplundii seeds, U. nelimbifolia from Serra de Brigadeiro and U. reniformis.

Photobucket U. alpina x endresii seemed to be the smallest of them all but then I looked at the roots. 4 tubers, of which 3 are visible. Not bad.

Photobucket Details of U. livida 'Blue flower'

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Utricularia asplundii

Today arrived the first packet for this year containing seeds of beautiful plant named Utricularia asplundii. Thanks to Sebulon! I will inform you all about how the seeds will grow.

Testing macro mode on  Phalaenopsis flower.

Cephalotus follicularis. Easy grower at least under my conditions. Biggest plant has made 2 new and smaller plant one new growing point.

Nepenthes veitchii 'Golden perisome' has now this 3 cm(1.18") high pitcherwith some nice colour.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Spring coming

Howdy! Spring is now coming to Finland too. Photobucket Some kind of Crocus sp. Flowering outdoors If you look carefully you will see a bumblebee in the most right of the flowers.

Photobucket Phalaenopsis orchid continues making flowers to old flowerstalk.

Photobucket Ludisia discolor cuttings growing alongside with Nepenthes ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x 'Harlequin'

N. ampullaria's so far biggest pitcher. It's 7 cm (2.7") high including the height of lid.

Photobucket Pinguicula emarginata is enjoying the new growing light.

Photobucket Pinguicula laueana is growing nicely too. It's just making more and more leaves and growing more rapidly. I wish to see the plant flowering someday.

Photobucket Utricularia livida 'Blue' gaining a nice color on it's flower.

Photobucket Flower of seedgrown Utricularia calycifida from Gran Sabana.

Photobucket Flower of Utricularia nephrophylla from Serra dos Orgaos, Brazil. Inspired by Sebulon from CPUK I wanted to see how root system of my Utricularia alpina is doing. Here's the plant.

and here's the root system

 Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketI'd say that's pretty well if you notice that when I got this plant it had only two leaves and one tuber. It tried to flower for me but then I over watered it and the flowerstalk rot away.
Spring coming and temperatures are slowly going up. I think I can start ordering plants in following few weeks if the temperatures keep rising so that we will not have frost during night. Enjoy the spring!