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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New seeds and updates


Yesterday I received seeds of D. ascendens from Bandeira Peak, D. intermedia from Cuba, D. oblanceolata 'Sunset Peak' and D. kaiteurensis thanks to Carlos Rohrbacher.
Not so sure if I can get D. ascendens to grow well but I will try my best.

My newest Utrics have already recovered well and growth speed of epiphytic utrics is faster than I predicted in my conditions.

U. reniformis

U. nephrophylla 'Serra dos Orgaos'

U. alpina looking very happy.

U. tricolor

My Cephalotus is making a new (big?) pitcher. The tendril is thicker than the ones that it makes to It's juvenile pitchers. Maybe first good sized pitcher?

Sundew seedling are growing steadily.

D. natalensis from Inanda road

D. nidiformis

D. intermedia from Gran Sabana is amazing me with false vivipary again. So far this flower stalk plantlet has grown in to a nice small plant, which is making it's own flowerstalk.

Weird isn't it?

D. felix is showing some positive sings and is opening it's first dewy leaves soon.

D. graomogolensis is slowly growing but so far no dewy leaves.

D. petiolaris showing lots of dewy leaves

Pinguicula emarginata x(moranensis x ehlrsiae) plants grown from leaf cuttings.

Before 1

Before 2


Seeds of my cross D. spatulata var. lovellae 'Bloody Red' x D. intermedia 'Gran Sabana'and vice versa are soon rippen and I will try to germinate them as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Seeds for sale and seeds not for sale

My sundews are making some seeds again. I'm happy to announce that I have plenty of D. intermedia 'Gran Sabana' seeds for sale soon. This species is very vigorous and can cope with 30*C temperatures easily. My D. burmannii, D. spatulata 'Bloody Red' and D. binata have flowered a lot too and if I get enough seeds, I will sell them too.

Today, when I investigated drying flower of Sarracenia psittacina I noticed that the plant had about 20 seeds in the dry flower. I will not sell these seeds, but I will try to grow my very first seedgrown Sarracenia from these seeds.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Plants away from frost, trying to make a new hybrid

Today I took my plants away from outside. I'm trying to keep them alive indoors till in November I will put them in refridgerator for winter dormancy. In this year I will have more temperate plants than ever. 4 Sarracenia pitcher plants, 2 venus flytraps and 2 species of temperate sundews.

Few weeks ago I tried crossing D. spatulata 'Bloody Red' and D. intermedia from Gran Sabana, Venezuela. Will let you hear about the results as soon as possible.

Plants receved from Veek are already recovering from delivery thanks to fastness of delivery, from Belgium to Finland in 3 days! D. graomogolensis is opening 4 new leaves, which 1 has dewdrops. Some dew drops have already returned to D. petiolaris and I will hope that both of them will groww succesfully in my current conditions.

Plants received from Tobias Kulig are slowly recovering. Due to non-registered postage the packet was on its way for 2 weeks. D. felix was okay and is slowly showing some new growth but D. graminifolia's leaves were all rotten and now I will hope if new plantlets would sprout from the roots. So always remember to get packet registered if the contents of the packet are valuable! Despite the bad luck with my plants I will order more plants from Tobias in near future. Tobias is a trustworthy seller and only sells quality plants and seeds. I recommend you to buy plants from him. Just remember to have the packet registered.

My terraria is now clean too. I was shocked how moldy my terraria was. Now I know the reason why my seedslings mold so often. Guess I just have to make new terraria during winter. From now on, I will never use any organic material in my plants terraria. It is so long wood-glass terraria and welcome full glass terraria, as soon as I just get the material.