About the Finn in the other end of the cable

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Hello. I now have a greenhouse, or actually ma family has one. We build it up in the mid june and most of my plants have been growing there since then. Here are some results of the greenhouse cultivation in Finland. flytrap Flytrap is getting some nice colour. spatulata D. spatulata planted in snaps glass is blooming bloody red spatulata Drosera spatulata 'Bloody Red' showing some colour and blooming livida flowers The mass bloom of U. livida 'Blue Flower livida blue Increased ammount of light has affected to colour of the U. livida 'Blue Flower''s leaves which have turned partially a bit salmon colourred bisquamata Utricularia bisquamata flowering first time for me. For a while this plant seemed to be dying but then I took it to the greenhouse. First it conquered the whole pot and then made few nice flowerstalks. tomentosa
Drosera tomatosa.. sorry Drosera tomentosa gained nice red as tomato colourration and looks like really thriving in the greenhouse.  regia Drosera regia seedlings. Mataveri from CPUK sent me about ten seeds of this species and luckily 2 seeds germinated. felix Drosera felix growing lots of flowerstalks but not looking too happy by the look of its leaves cryptanthus sp., Type description hereCryptanthus My Cryptanthus sp. grows nicely alongside with my Utricularia oblanceolata Drosera oclanceolata looks now a bit pinkish omissa x pulchella Drosera omissa x pulchella is the plant which changed my opinion about pygmy sundews. I used to think that they're not anything special or even cute. Not I'd like to have more but the growing space that I can offer to the plants is pretty much taken. north americans A bug climbing on Sarracenia leaves. This bug later became food for the venus flytrap.