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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seeds arrived

Seeds of U. babui and P. lusitanica arrived today. Thanks Sebulon!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chili flower and memories from the past

Aji Cristal is flowering. Almost one year old plant.

And at least 2 big buds. If it starts making fruits I think I need to support it.

Utricularia calycifida from Gran Sabana making leaf tip plantlet.

After updates for my current plants some pictures from the past

Sarracenia purpurea †
Molded badly in 2009.

Sarracenia x 'Mitcheliana' †
Dried during dormancy in 2009.

My better VFT in 2010

My worse flytrap when I bought it in 2010

Same plant in the end of 2010

My Sarracenia psittacina in 2010. Just love the colour. Someone from Finnish carnivorous plants forum said when I posted this picture that "This plant is so going to flower in spring if it survives through dormancy." Well it survived and flowered. Now just waiting for seeds.

Happy growing. :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plant rumba. Day 3

Today arrived packet from United Kingdom. Packet included some nice P. laueana and P. esseriana Thank you Stefano!

P. laueana

P. esseriana

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plant rumba. Day 2. New Nepenthes and pic's of U. alpina

Today arrived N. albomarginata.

The whole plant

Details of it's pitcher

And some pics of U. alpina I received yesterday.

Unsharp pic of plants root system.

Plant potted. Lovely bunny ear like leaves.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plant rumba. Day 1. First epiphytic bladderwort

Today I had a happy suprise waiting for me. Packet with Utricularia alpina. Thank you Idefix!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Discount orchid, new growth and chilies

Howdy everybody! Greetings from sunny Finland.

D.slackii of mine which has done nothing for a year is now showing some new growth after I repotted it to clay pellets and sphagnum. The growth is very minimal but still better than nothing

G. violacea 'Grao Mogol' is conquering bigger areas of it's pot.

I visited a flowershop where I saw a Moth orchid with two flowertalks, lots of withered flowers and a tag "1€". Plant was in extremely good condition for such a low price. Roots looked numerous and healthy so I had to remove only about 7cm of rotted roots. Plant had only withered flowers which had cream colour on petals and sepals and purple parts in center of the flower.

Good roots

Same plant repotted few mins ago.

Yesterday was big day for my chilies which got bigger pots and better soil campared to previous one. Chilies that I'm growing in this year are
C. anuum 'Bolivian Rainbow' (visually most beautiful chili I've got)
C. anuum 'Early Jalapeno'
C. chinense 'Habanero'
C. baccatum 'Aji Cristal' (my favourite chili by taste)
C. baccatum 'Inca Red Drop'
C. baccatum 'Lemon Drop' (hottest chili that I'm growing at the moment)

A small picture splash of my chilies.

Habanero. Repotted yesterday.

Bolivian Raindow. Repotted yesterday. Lovely purple colour on the leaves.

Aji Cristal. Making flowers.

Seedlings. Clockwise from top left corner Inca Red Drop, Aji Cristal, Basil, Lemon Drop, Early Jalapeno and some old Bolivian Rainbow.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Potting of revolutionary D. paradoxa flowerstalk plantlet

Remember this little fella? Propably the first known success with flowerstalk cuttings of D. paradoxa(?).
D.paradoxa flowerstalk cutting
Pic taken on 21st of March in 2011

This little plantlet sprouted from D. paradoxa flowerstalk has now been potted. I hope it will soon grow in to a one bautiful plant. The mother plant was originally bought from CZ plants. Has anyone else succeeded with flowerstalk cuttings of D. paradoxa?

Monday, June 06, 2011

New ping ping

Today arrived Pinguicula moranensis x ehlersiae. Thank you hurtta!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summer holiday

Hi everybody! First post in June.

Alice sundew really enjoys being outdoors in Finland right now.

Plant in 31st of May.

And the same plant 15 minutes ago.

I wish my flytraps would colour up as fast as D. alieae.

Unknown Sarracenia purpurea including hybrid (maybe S. x 'Catesbaei') getting some nice colour.

And after South African's and North American's some native beauty. D. rotundifolia making flowerstalk.

Some Finnish summer hotness. Black beauty with a beautiful name. C. anuum var. Bolivian Rainbow. This chili is it's own as a decoration but fruits are usual super market chili kind of low in taste, bitter hot fruits.

And after chilis and carnivorous plants some orchid news! This plant cost only 2€ (about 2,9 USD or 1,8 GBP) since last fall this plant has done nothing untill now. At the moment this little plant is growing a new leaf and hopefully someday starts to flower again. When I bought this plant it had light orange flowers with purple veins on petals and sepals.

Happy growing and enjoy summer!